Our Values

The old saying goes, ‘there’s no I in team’. We prefer, ‘there are a lot of U’s in TUMU’.

TUMU has a strong company culture and values, which is reflected in the idea of 'U'. We continue to build our culture and keep it alive through our actions and systems. In addition, we are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for all our employees and supporting the community that supports us.

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cb TUMU values are U with me


Are U with me?

Without U the team doesn't work.

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What do U like?

Knowing the customer's needs is key.

cb TUMU values how high can U go


How high can U go?

Do it once, do it right, do it better… every time.

cb TUMU values where are U going


Where are U going?

Building a better future for the next generation.

cb TUMU values what are U aiming for


What are U aiming for?

We all want to be winners.

cb TUMU values can U do it better


Can U do it better?

Thinking smarter beats working harder.

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