General Sponsorship - giving back to our supporters

We receive regular requests for general sponsorship and try and support the people that support us as much as possible where funds permit. We have a regular commitment to local rugby, and in Hawke’s Bay we also support the Giants Boxing Academy.

TUMU also proudly take part in the Project K programme which is run by the Graeme Dingle Foundation. This is a 14-month programme designed for Year 10 students which comprises of three parts: wilderness adventure, community challenge and an individual mentoring partnership with a trained mentor. It focuses on building confidence, teaching life skills, promoting good health and encouraging a positive attitude. The aim of Project K is to arm these young individuals with a belief in their own ability by experiencing success through effort and perseverance.

We consider other sponsorships from time to time to help with special projects such as events and team travel. The limited funding we have spare for general sponsorship means we give priority to supporting the activities of our longer term employees and loyal customers.

Please complete the application form to apply.

 General Sponsorship Form


Georgia Coory received sponsorship to represent New Zealand (along with her trusty steed Paddy) at the Australian Grand Nationals and the prestigious Sydney Royal Show.

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